Our policies

Quality policy

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in our business areas, we will offer high quality and efficiency, as well as satisfy the customer's needs and expectations at competitive prices. We have the following requirements for all our transports:

  • We pick up and drop off at agreed times.

  • The quality of the goods must always be in the same condition throughout our handling as at the reception.

  • We handle our transport assignments in accordance with current regulations and given instructions.

  • We maintain our vehicle fleet so that it is always in good condition.

  • With the help of our quality system, we will steer the business towards continuous improvement.

  • Quality should be a matter of course for everyone in the organization. Every employee, new and old, must receive sufficient information and training to be able to carry out their work in accordance with this quality policy.

  • Examined with regard to continued suitability by the company's board.

  • The company complies with constitutional requirements.

Environmental policy

We shall at all times and on the basis of the customer's requirements and the haulier's own resources and conditions work for:

  • To reduce the environmental effects of our vehicles.

  • To constantly improve the business from an environmental point of view.

  • To prevent pollution.

  • When purchasing, choose environmentally efficient products as far as possible.

  • Our efforts must be guided by a balance between what is economically reasonable, technically possible and ecologically justified.

  • To comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding the environment.

Road safety policy

We always put road safety first in our business, as we are primarily active on the country's roads. Maintenance of vehicles and materials as well as training of drivers with continuous follow-up is a large part of our road safety work.

The management must continuously establish that our professional drivers have a good working environment and the right qualifications to drive our vehicles on the roads in a safe manner. The management shall sign agreements with our customers in such a way, where they promote the transport arrangement for our drivers and transport managers as much as possible. Management is fully responsible for ensuring that all work is carried out in line with our road safety policy, from agreement and quotation to unloading.

Our transport management must always plan the transports so that we do not at any time violate current legislation. Sufficient time must be set aside in the planning for breaks etc.

The company's policy entails zero tolerance for alcohol and all types of drugs in connection with driving.

We work to constantly improve, this work is done through the Swedish Trucking Association.

We have formed a driver group where we will, among other things, raise various issues about e.g. road safety and working environment. In addition to this, we also have different meetings with all staff who are in different groups and individually.

Driving and rest time rules are in Stoneridge programs that are checked and where reports are printed once / month. This is then sent home to resp. driver for check and signing.

The company's staff must work daily to improve their road safety work.

Work environment policy

Our goal is that the business must not cause accidents. Neither mentally nor physically harms people or facilities.

Current legislation and the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations must be followed. The ultimate responsibility for the work environment and the external environment, as well as for the required training, lies with the company management.

Instructions from the company management shall be followed by the employees, protective equipment shall be used and reporting shall be made to the company management of any incidents, risks and other problems in the work environment.

Through a positive and respectful behavior, everyone must contribute to a good work climate where everyone is happy and sick leave is minimized.